Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Henry's ?s

If a branch of a tree falls to the ground, it becomes a stick. But what is it in the air during its fall? Is there a philosopher in the house? Nate?

The actual conversation went something like this...

H: Sticks in the tree.
R: When sticks are in the tree they are branches.
H: Branches in the tree.
R: Yep.
H: Sticks on the ground.
R: Yep, sticks on the ground.
H: Branches in the tree, sticks on the ground.
R: Yep.
H: Sticks in the sky.
R: Branches fall to the ground and become sticks.
H: Branches in the sky.
R: I'm not sure if they are branches or sticks when they are in the sky.
H: Branches and sticks in the sky.
R: We'll ask Mommy.
H: Mommy in the sky?

Saturday, October 4, 2008