Sunday, December 28, 2008

More Babies

Erin & I are at that stage of our lives when we think all our recently-married friends and family should be having babies. Here's our list of recently arrived and highly anticipated babies (in no particular order, mind you)...

Baby Wells (Julie & Mike)
Sarah Katherine Hagerty (Nicole & Bruce)
Marissa Rish (Deb & Heath)
Katy Jackson (Becky & Eric)
Baby Fisher (Michele & Chris)
Baby Swain (Carmen & Tim)
Levi Abney (Terri & Ben)
Baby Bonnell (Joe & his wife)

Looking to add to our list, so let us know. And if you have a boy, we have some clothes for you!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

30lb. Mouse

Erin and I were in the basement watching Arthur crawl around, bulldozing over everything in his path when we heard a noise coming from the air ducts. The noise was that tell-tale sound of little feet scurrying.

Erin: What's that noise?

Ryan: Probably a mouse coming in for the winter.

Erin: We can't have a mouse.

Ryan: We might. He was probably cold.

[silence (except for Arthur) waiting to hear the sound again]

Erin: Where is it?

Ryan: Probably came down the furnace vent and is crawling around.

Erin: You know that vent on the floor is open.

Ryan: It's an intake. He's probably on the other side of the filter.

Erin: I'm going upstairs. [scoops up Arthur and goes upstairs]

[a few seconds later]

Erin: Ryan, get up here; you have to see this!

Henry: Cheerios raining.

[later that day on the phone]

Nate: Well, now the food is there for when the mouse does come.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Henry's letters


These may not mean much to you, but for Henry these letters represent his family. When he sees these letters, he identifies them by a family member's name.

For example, when he saw a AAA sign, he told me, "Three Arthurs, Daddy."

I replied, "Oh Henry, one Arthur is enough."

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Check this out

I was digging through some files and came across this. The file info says that I made it, but I have no idea why or for whom. All I know is that it was a family picnic that I missed because I was in Dar es Salaam, but Erin was there. Too funny. The front is supposed to read 1998 Family Reunion.

Saturday, December 6, 2008


An HHH mashup using some clips of the boys.