Saturday, November 10, 2007

Big hippo

Every once in a while, when Xola is 'hipp-ing' around the living room, hip checking Henry with her 95 lb. butt, we like to remember when she fit in our coat pocket.

All too soon, there will be two 95 lb. hippos in our living room once Henry catches up to Xola's weight class.


Bruce said...

Does Xola do it on purpose like Kaya does to rachel. She is good about not being a biter, but you can tell every once in a while she she will side check her to the ground just because she can. So far Rachel is a pretty good sport about it. If I ever capture video of it, I will share.-b-

This Rish Family said...

No, she honestly doesn't. She is very careful and caring with Henry, but once she gets going she forgets how wide of a load she is, and how solid she is. She's caught him in the chest a couple of times and knocked him square. She immediately cowers to the ground because she feels bad...and I'm about to yell. When we move to a smaller house, she is going to seem even bigger.